Youth and Family Engagement

Intensive Home-Based Treatment (IHBT) is designed for youth, parents and families who have often been involved in systems that have not necessarily engaged them effectively. These include families who have difficulty with service access (work, transportation, poverty) and who often have a combination of high stress (multi-stressed) and low resources. The sources of these stresses can often be routine, unrelenting, and woven into daily life.

These stresses can lead to high family conflict for which current parenting skill sets provde unsuccessful in dealing with youth’s mental health needs. IHBT recognizes that parents need significant levels of support (and often have few available external supports), “trust issues” with working with the “system” – a system that has often seemed not work with or for them – and traumatic stress experiences which have significantly impacted their parenting.

Below are tools and resources that can help IHBT clinicians, teams, and the youth and families involved achieve effective and sustaining results.