Outcomes | Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS)

In addition to the IHBT eligibility criteria listed in OhioMHAS and Medicaid rules, the child/adolescent must also meet certain scores on the following CANS Domains: Child Emotional/Behavioral Needs Domain; Child Risk Behaviors Domain; Life Functioning Domain.
(25 items total – See image below.)

CANS Item Scoring

  • 0 – No Evidence of Need – This rating indicates that there is no reason to believe that a particular need exists. Based on current assessment information there is no reason to assume this is a need.
  • 1 – Watchful Waiting/Prevention – This level of rating indicates that you need to keep an eye on this area or think about putting in place some preventive actions to make sure things do not get worse (e.g. a child/youth who has been suicidal in the past).
  • 2 – Action Needed – This level of rating implies that something must be done to address the identified need. The need is sufficiently problematic, that it is interfering in the child/youth’s or family’s life in a notable way.
  • 3 – Immediate/Intensive Action Needed – This level rating indicates a need that requires immediate or intensive effort to address. Dangerous or disabling levels of needs are rated with this level.

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