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Rainbow Connection is a Family Values Assessment Activity, a great fun activity designed to help families identify and explore strengths, individual family member personality traits, unearth perceived weaknesses and facilitate communication with the goal of arriving at common values unique to their family system.

(Click here to download IHBT Therapist and Family Commitment Agreement Framework PDF and click here to download IHBT Therapist and Family Commitment Agreement PDF.)

Families of two or more can be participate.This is a useful activity in treatment planning and initial assessment. It can be re-utilized at the treatment plan review and at discharge to help the family assess how far they have moved toward their common goals such as better communication,respect for each other and other values they have identified to work on in treatment.

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Each question below corresponds with a numbered ribbonon the rainbow. Have the family sit around a table with a pen or pencil. Each family member will write their response to the numbered statement or question in the colored ribbon.

They will then pass the rainbow onto the next family member who will fill in their response.When completed by each member, the therapist will explore and discuss with the family group.

The goal is to use the discussion around the information gathered to arrive at what each member feels are their most important family values. These will be written in the Pot of Gold. It is helpful toprovide the family a ‘refrigerator copy’ to help them remember the exercise.

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Intensive Home-Based Treatment (IHBT) is a mental health service designed to meet the needs of youth with serious emotional disturbances who are at risk of out-of-home placement or who are returning home from placement. The goal of IHBT is to provide the necessary mental health services and supports to enable youth to live in their homes in the least restrictive, most normative setting possible. IHBT services are provided in the home, school and community where youth live and function. These services focus on the mental health issues that put the youth at risk, while promoting positive development and health family functioning.

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IHBT integrates core mental health services (community psychiatric supportive treatment, behavioral health counseling and therapy, mental health assessment and crisis response) into one seamless service. Service is flexibly delivered at a time that is convenient for the entire family and is available around the clock.
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