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July 16, 2020
Trauma Informed Family Engagement
(TIFE) | What It Means to Be Trauma-Informed in our Engagement of Families.

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Program Description
Join us to explore what it means to be trauma informed in our engagement of families. Together we will explore the cultural and historical context of trauma, learn about structural racism and our own implicit bias.  We will unpack the potential impact of those issues on our engagement with families. Participants will identify the six guiding principles to trauma informed care, the importance of authentic family engagement as well as strategies for the implementation of trauma informed family engagement practices. 

Running Time  Agenda with Content Description  Segment Time 
8:30 AM  Registration sign-in   
8:45 AM  Trauma Informed Family Engagement (TIFE) 

  • Defining TIFE as foundational for success across the SOC 
  • The 4 Rs and 6 principles of TIC 
  • Explore cultural, historical and individual issues that influence family engagement 
1.5 hours 
10:15 AM  BREAK   
10:30 AM  Barriers to family engagement 

  • Stroop Effect; strong associations influence our perceptions 
  • The intersection of trauma, race, bias and behavior 
  • The Groundwater Approach: understanding structural racism 
1.5 hours 
12:00 PM  LUNCH   
1:00 PM  Strategies for effective, trauma informed, family engagement 

  • Racial Wealth Gap learning simulation 
  • Why racial equity is important to address structural inequality 
  • Using a racial equity lens for our work, life, policies, practices and advocacy 
1.5 hours 
2:30 PM  Break   
2:45 PM  Developing a trauma informed family engagement plan 

  • Disparity in Ohio: racial, health, education, economic, trauma 
  • Implicit bias impacts thinking and behavior 
  • Creating personal and program strategies for TIFE 
1.5 hours 


4:15 PM  Post test & Evaluation Surveys  6 

Program Rational
System providers serving multisystem youth are constantly working with both historical and multigenerational trauma.  We should all examine our own implicit biases and have a clear understanding of structural racism in order to actively resist retraumatization and improve our engagement with our clients and families.  This workshop will provide information and resources on both topics, as well as strategies for improving engagement and partnering with families through a trauma informed lens. 

Learning Objectives 

  • Participants will be able to define family engagement and trauma-informed care  
  • Participants will be able to identify barriers to family engagement 
  • Participants will explore the policies that created and support structural racism. 
  • Participants will understand how implicit bias impacts thinking and behavior 
  • Participants will be able to understand that racial equity is required to address structural inequality 
  • Participants will learn and develop strategies to improve trauma informed family engagement 

This IHBT training is supported by Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) is presented by The Center for Innovative Practices | Part of the Begun Center for Violence Prevention
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