New IHBT Fidelity Preparation Tools | Team Model

The series of Word Documents and PDF’s below can be downloaded for free and are a requirement for the formal fidelity review.


Providers choosing to bill services under Medicaid’s IHBT bundled rate must receive fidelity certification by having a fidelity review conducted. Certification assures minimum fidelity standards are being met.

The Fidelity Tools (Individual and Team Model Tools) consists of 12 fidelity standards, with ratings measured on a 1-5 scale. Each rating of 5 indicates best practice for that standard. Minimum fidelity is achieved between ratings 3, 4 and 5 which are highlighted within each standard.

The Team Model page contains the IHBT Fidelity Tool and IHBT Fidelity Review Process Guide (PDFs below) for teams certified in the Team Model. The Team Model comprises teams made up of only licensed staff working independently with clients.

DOWNLOAD | FIDELITY REVIEW Process Guide 12.16.21 Here | IHBT Certification Checklist Rev 1.10.22 Here


DOWNLOAD | Mod. Final Teamed-Model Fidelity Rating Tool, Version March 1, 2022 (1) Here is presented by The Center for Innovative Practices | Part of the Begun Center for Violence Prevention
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